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I'm always pushing forward and engaging different perspectives. To me there is no other path but to constantly ask and then answer questions via different modalities. This leads to new explorative bodies of work with differing styles, genres or techniques that in turn keep that beautiful yet highly annoying crazy out instead of in!




Regarding Me:

My story is easy enough to tell…I’ve been creating since childhood driven by a need for order amongst disorder, new harmonies amongst objects, visually seduced by repetition, pattern, and color and onward the dance goes. At some point around the age of 15 or 16 a rather observant art teacher stepped in and put me on the path from wayward youth to wayward artist. From there it’s been an epicurean vacation of creation kind of like a Jacques Cousteau dive special into the deepest reaches of my mind. Sadly, no sharks.

My work is held in multiple corporate and private collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


The Work:

I am a painter exploring the complexities of visual thought through movement (via texture, color, and stroke) using both the figure and nature as muse. Through a lifetime of curiosity, a touch of frustration and a wealth of passion for my medium, I have spent the entirety of my career focused on asking questions. First and foremost, regarding color as I was born partially color blind, and was initially pushed away from painting because of this. However, fascination combined with study focused this perceived weakness into actionable strength and my color was born with a partially-Fauvist, often Expressionist and truly harmonic Abstract-Impressionist palette. 

As an explorer, I'm possessed with a need to look beyond traditions in style and question unknowns. Because of this my works are seeded in process painting and material discovery where elements of drawing and textural curiosities combine with color/form relationships to create a unique aesthetic. Amuse-bouche elements of nature and humanity combine and proliferate the subject. They mix about with abstracted components to create a visual bibliophile in the paint that hints of stories yet to be written.




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